Benefits of Astaxanthin

Benefits of astaxanthin are based on clinical studies and trials



Astaxanthin enhances immunoglobulin production and proliferation of a wide range of immune cells. Thus, astaxanthin could boost immunity and prevents us from diseases and other harmful effects. Immunoglobulin is an antibody which is a part of our immune system and is able to identify and defuse unwelcome objects (viruses and bacteria) in our organism. (1,2)


Beside benefits of astaxanthin for immune system, studies show its anti-inflammatory benefits. Astaxanthin could reduce the creation of compounds that lead to inflammation and it could also reduce some inflammatory indexes, e.g. the CRP, which high levelsindicate a lot of serious illnesses such as diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Chronic inflammation is often at the beginning of some diseases, even Alzheimer. Research also suggests astaxanthin could have the ability to suppress tumor cell proliferation. (3,4)

Cardiovascular system

According to professional studies, astaxanthin reduces LDL cholesterol (so called “bad”) oxidation, which is one of the mechanisms that usually lead to cardiovascular diseases. Astaxanthin could reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels, on the contrary, it increases the HDL cholesterol (co called “good”) level. (5,6,7)


According to scientific research, astaxanthin transfers the brain-blood barrier so it can affect brain cells directly, protect them and reduce the brain cell damage. Thanks to its antioxidant capacity and its unique ability to affect cell membranes directly, it can protect brain from damage caused by ischemia or lack of oxygen and even possibly help with treatment of the early stage of Alzheimer disease. (8,9,10)


Regular astaxanthin usage can help to improve visual acuity, focusing ability, prevent from light damage, reduce eye strain and fatigue and blurred vision. (11,12,13,14)

Sport performance

Astaxanthin is a popular food supplement among sportsmen. A lot of research and studies has been made to study effect of astaxanthin on sportsmen performance. Astaxanthin helps to increase strength, endurance, energy level and reduce fatigue. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties it also decreases inflammation caused by exercise. (15,16,17,18)

Fat burning

Astaxanthin can possibly increase the energy gained from fats and prolong endurance if taken along with physical activity or any long-lasting physically demanding work. (19)


Especially women will appreciate astaxanthin’s benefits on skin. Based on scientific research and clinical studies, natural astaxanthin improves overall skin condition, visibly reduces wrinkles, increases skin elasticity and refines skin structure. In men and women with dry skin, astaxanthin can increase skin hydration and can help with the sebum production that means it could potentially help with acne treatment. (20,21,22)